The Haier group specializes in all things home appliance oriented as well as some other products. The company, which is based out of Quingdao, Shandong, People's Republic of China and has been one of the top suppliers of home appliances for almost two decades. They also offer multicultural consumer electronics to all of their loyal customers.

Among the great deal of products offered by the company are air conditioners, mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and television sets. They are a high profile company that is at the top of the consumer electronics sector and continues to expand to this day. Whether it be something to replace a shoddy appliance in the home or a new electronic device to play around with, Haier has it.

Recent Haier News

Haier Acquires a Division of Sanyo from Panasonic
Learn more about why and how Haier Acquired Sanyo from Panasonic, and what that means for the industry.
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0094011232A HaierOut of Stock
1305595 Haier$39.95Buy Now
240602000472 Haier$34.95Buy Now
504Q2815101 Haier$27.95Buy Now
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511Q3215S10 HaierOut of Stock
904-HRK86-10064 Haier$29.95Buy Now
9912170967 Haier$34.95Buy Now
9912171031 Haier$27.95Buy Now
AC-5620-03 Haier$29.95Buy Now
AC-5620-04 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-05 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-06 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-07 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-079 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-08 Haier$23.95Buy Now
AC-5620-080 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-081 Haier$29.95Buy Now
AC-5620-082 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-084 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-085 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-087 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-09 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-10 Haier$23.95Buy Now
AC-5620-11 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-12 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-13 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-14 Haier$49.95Buy Now
AC-5620-15 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-16 Haier Amana$49.95Buy Now
AC-5620-20 Haier$29.95Buy Now
AC-5620-22 Haier$36.95Buy Now
AC-5620-23 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-25 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-26 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-27 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-28 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-29 Haier$49.95Buy Now
AC-5620-30 Haier Amana Hec Comfort Air$29.95Buy Now
AC-5620-31 Haier Amana$49.95Buy Now
AC-5620-32 Haier$43.95Buy Now
AC-5620-33 Haier$29.95Buy Now
AC-5620-34 Haier$23.95Buy Now
AC-5620-35 Haier$36.95Buy Now
AC-5620-36 Haier$46.95Buy Now
AC-5620-37 Haier$49.95Buy Now
AC-5620-38 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-39 Haier$49.95Buy Now
AC-5620-40 Haier$92.95Buy Now
AC-5620-41 Haier$99.95Buy Now
AC-5620-42 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-43 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-45 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-46 Haier$35.95Buy Now
AC-5620-48 Haier$34.95Buy Now
AC-5620-49 Haier$29.95Buy Now
AC-5620-52 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-54 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-55 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-57 Haier$49.95Buy Now
AC-5620-58 Haier$49.95Buy Now
AC-5620-60 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-62 Haier$66.95Buy Now
AC-5620-64 Haier$45.95Buy Now
AC-5620-65 Haier$34.95Buy Now
AC-5620-66 Haier$34.95Buy Now
AC-5620-68 Haier$39.95Buy Now
AC-5620-69 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-70 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-72 Haier$46.95Buy Now
AC-5620-73 HaierOut of Stock
AC-5620-75 Haier$43.95Buy Now
AC-5620-76 Haier$27.95Buy Now
AC-5620-78 Haier$47.95Buy Now
HTR-D51 Haier$39.95Buy Now
TV-1870-04 Haier ElectrohomeOut of Stock
TV-5620-03 Haier$12.95Buy Now
TV-5620-04 Haier$39.95Buy Now
TV-5620-05 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-06 Haier$39.95Buy Now
TV-5620-08 Haier$12.95Buy Now
TV-5620-09 Haier$25.95Buy Now
TV-5620-10 Haier$12.95Buy Now
TV-5620-100 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-101 Haier$39.95Buy Now
TV-5620-104 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-105 Haier$39.95Buy Now
TV-5620-106 Haier$19.95Buy Now
TV-5620-107 Haier$26.95Buy Now
TV-5620-108 Haier$26.95Buy Now
TV-5620-109 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-110 Haier$36.95Buy Now
TV-5620-111 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-112 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-113 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-118 Haier$33.95Buy Now
TV-5620-119 Haier$26.95Buy Now
TV-5620-12 Haier$28.95Buy Now
TV-5620-120 Haier$34.95Buy Now
TV-5620-121 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-122 Haier$36.95Buy Now
TV-5620-123 Haier$36.95Buy Now
TV-5620-124 Haier$26.95Buy Now
TV-5620-125 Haier$26.95Buy Now
TV-5620-126 Haier$39.95Buy Now
TV-5620-127 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-128 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-129 Haier$26.95Buy Now
TV-5620-13 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-130 Haier$39.95Buy Now
TV-5620-134 Haier$26.95Buy Now
TV-5620-135 Haier$26.95Buy Now
TV-5620-15 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-16 Haier$12.95Buy Now
TV-5620-17 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-18 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-19 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-20 Haier$14.95Buy Now
TV-5620-21 Haier DynexOut of Stock
TV-5620-23 Haier$19.95Buy Now
TV-5620-33 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-34 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-36 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-37 Haier$12.95Buy Now
TV-5620-38 Haier Prima$12.95Buy Now
TV-5620-39 Haier$14.95Buy Now
TV-5620-40 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-41 Haier$19.95Buy Now
TV-5620-42 Haier$19.95Buy Now
TV-5620-44 Haier$19.95Buy Now
TV-5620-47 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-49 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-50 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-51 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-52 Haier$19.95Buy Now
TV-5620-53 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-54 Haier$19.95Buy Now
TV-5620-55 Haier$39.95Buy Now
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TV-5620-59 HaierOut of Stock
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TV-5620-63 HaierOut of Stock
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TV-5620-76 Haier$32.95Buy Now
TV-5620-78 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-79 Haier$29.95Buy Now
TV-5620-80 HaierOut of Stock
TV-5620-81 Haier$18.95Buy Now
TV-5620-83 Haier$19.95Buy Now
TV-5620-85 Haier$24.95Buy Now
TV-5620-88 Haier$39.95Buy Now
TV-5620-90 HaierOut of Stock
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TV-5620-92 HaierOut of Stock
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TV-5620-95 Haier$34.95Buy Now
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TV-5620-98 Haier$26.95Buy Now

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