DTV Transition and Its Affects on the Remote Industry

Some facts about what the DTV transition

The Digital or DTV conversion took place on June 13, 2009, which was the deadline set by the US Congress for all stations to fully broadcast their TV signals in digital format. This was the DTV Transition that resulted in discontinuing or completing the conversion from the formerly used analogue signal. Older television sets, including Remote Controls, that were analogue would need an analogue to digital converter box from that point forward for viewers to watch digital programming. This conversion was not a conspiracy to force people to purchase new televisions and Replacement Remote Controls. It was a measure taken by Congress to free up bandwidth for police, fire and rescue squads and for auction to wireless service providers that provide broadband services.

What about the Remote Control that worked with those old television sets?

Consumers benefited immensely with quality programming and the advent of High Definition and Digital signals. Yet many people may not be able to purchase the new equipment to view HD TV. The replacement remotes available will be an important product for consumers to continue to purchase in the market for these DTV Transition hold outs. New Remote Controls and Replacement Remote Controls are readily available and compatible with any of the older equipment that used Remote Controls. Despite the new HD signals and the DTV Transition, it is possible to find any brand of Replacement Remote Controls for any model television. Replacement Remote Controls for older TV models can also be purchased new and not refurbished so they will last for many years as will many of the older televisions.

Many more television viewers will certainly find the newest DTV Transition technology, specifically HD a must have and will get the latest equipment for their home theaters and living rooms. Filling every room with an HD TV is quite certain as well. This increases the potential of losing a Remote and needing Replacement Remote Controls. Dropping a remote is the fastest way to suddenly be in the market for a replacement. In today’s new High Definition retooling frenzy, another trend is taking place. People are on the move and remotes do get lost. Changing Jobs in this economy means packing up and moving. With so many new units hitting consumer households, there is certainly a market for accessories that surround the consumption of television viewing, home theater watching and equipping each room with an extra remote or two. Kids will be kids and remotes will be dropped at least once or twice.

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