Advent Remote Control Directory

Need help finding the correct Advent Remote Control Model Number? Just select the electronic device you are buying the remote control for and find the model number of that device in the list. It's as simple as that! If you still can't find your electronic device in the list below, call us at 1-800-294-3889 for additional assistance!

Electronic Device Types:

Advent - TV Model Numbers
Advent AVD1573Advent 6010Q03501
Advent AVD1838Advent 301-AM1435-190A
Advent AVD2202Advent 301-AM1435-040A
Advent AVD2607Advent 301-SQ2716-10PA
Advent AVD2917Advent 301-SQ2716-10PA
Advent AVD3989Advent 301-ATS2030-26H
Advent CR1473AAdvent 301-ATS2030-26H
Advent CR2482AAdvent 301-ATS2030-26H
Advent DXR24TVInsignia 301-VTQ2092-21A
Advent HT2751AAdvent 301-CT3251-010A
Advent HT3061AAdvent 301-CT3251-010A
Advent HT3251AAdvent 301-CT3251-010A
Advent HT3461AAdvent 301-CT3251-010A
Advent L2711AAdvent 301-D42FB6-06C
Advent L3211AAdvent 301-D42FB6-06C
Advent L3711AAdvent 301-D42FB6-06C
Advent LC15Y26Advent 6010Q03501
Advent M2055Advent 301-AM1435-040A
Advent NSF24TVInsignia 301-VTQ2092-21A
Advent Q1435Advent 301-AM1435-040A
Advent Q2716Advent 301-SQ2716-10PA
Advent Q2735AAdvent 301-SQ2716-10PA
Advent SD2779AAdvent 301-D42FB6-06C
Advent TS2066AAdvent 301-AM1435-190A
Advent TS2766AAdvent 301-ATS3235-27E
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Advent - TV/DVD Model Numbers
Advent AVD2938Advent 94013897
Advent DV1418AAdvent 301-00908059-80
Advent DV2018APrima 301-BDTC18-010B
Advent DV2418APrima 301-BDTC18-010B
Advent LD1910AAdvent 94013896I
Advent LD2010AAdvent 94013897
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