Emerson Remote Control Directory

Need help finding the correct Emerson Remote Control Model Number? Just select the electronic device you are buying the remote control for and find the model number of that device in the list. It's as simple as that! If you still can't find your electronic device in the list below, call us at 1-800-294-3889 for additional assistance!

Electronic Device Types:

Emerson - Ceiling Fan Model Numbers
Emerson RC188Emerson SR600
Emerson RC212Emerson SR600
Emerson RCK55Emerson SR600
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Emerson - DVD/DVDR Model Numbers
Emerson DVD2000Emerson 6711R2N010B
Emerson EDVR95EEmerson NB108UD
Emerson EWD7001Emerson N9150UD
Emerson EWD7002Emerson N9068UD
Emerson EWD7003Emerson NA604UD
Emerson EWD7003XEmerson NA654UD
Emerson EWD7004Emerson NB000UD
Emerson EWD70V5Emerson NB071UD
Emerson EWD70V5SKEmerson NB071UD
Emerson EWD71V5SKEmerson NB073UD
Emerson EWR10D4Emerson NB001UD
Emerson EWR10D4-R1.5Emerson NB001UD
Emerson EWR10D5Emerson NB010UD
Emerson EWR10V4Emerson NB108UD
Emerson EWR20V4Emerson NB108UD
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Emerson - DVD/VCR DVDR/VCR Model Numbers
Emerson CEDV800DEmerson NA270UD
Emerson CEDV90DPEmerson NB101UD
Emerson CEDV90PEmerson NB101UD
Emerson EDVC860FEmerson NB177UD
Emerson EWD2003Durabrand NA259UD
Emerson EWD2004Emerson NB100
Emerson EWD2202Emerson NA202CD
Emerson EWD2203Durabrand NA259UD
Emerson EWD2203MDurabrand NA259UD
Emerson EWD2204Emerson NB100
Emerson EWH100FEmerson NB308UD
Emerson EWR20V5Emerson NB121UD
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Emerson - Home Theater Model Numbers
Emerson AV300Emerson AFA0009C016
Emerson AV301Emerson AFA0009C016
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Emerson - TV Model Numbers
Emerson BLC320EM9Emerson NF606UD
Emerson BLC320EM9AEmerson NF606UD
Emerson BLC320EM9BEmerson NF606UD
Emerson CLC320EM2FEmerson NH001UD
Emerson CLC320EM9Emerson NF027UD
Emerson CLC321EM9Emerson NF027UD
Emerson CLC401EM2FEmerson NH001UD
Emerson CR202EM8Gfm NE601UE
Emerson CR202EM9Emerson NE616UE
Emerson ELC320EM9Emerson NF606UD
Emerson EN-31201EMEmerson EN-31201EM
Emerson EPT427Emerson N0160UD
Emerson EPT427DEmerson N0160UD
Emerson ET1333DEmerson N0108UD
Emerson ET1333EEmerson N0108UD
Emerson ET13P2Emerson 48B3738T01
Emerson ET14J2Emerson R-25B03
Emerson ET1932CEmerson N0132UD
Emerson ET1933DEmerson N0108UD
Emerson ET1933EEmerson N0108UD
Emerson ET19P2Emerson 48B3738T01
Emerson ET20J2Emerson 48B3738T01
Emerson ET419Emerson N0132UD
Emerson EWF2002Emerson NE116UD
Emerson EWF2004Emerson NE116UD
Emerson EWF2004AEmerson NE116UD
Emerson EWF2006Emerson NE116UD
Emerson EWF2006AEmerson NE116UD
Emerson EWF2702Emerson NE112UD
Emerson EWF2703Emerson NE112UD
Emerson EWF2704Emerson NE112UD
Emerson EWF2705Emerson NE116UD
Emerson EWFG2705Emerson NE601UD
Emerson EWL1503Emerson NE128UD
Emerson EWL1504Symphonic NE300UD
Emerson EWL2005Symphonic NE900UD
Emerson EWL20S5Symphonic NE900UD
Emerson EWL20S5ASymphonic NE900UD
Emerson EWL20S5BSymphonic NE900UD
Emerson EWL20S5CSymphonic NE900UD
Emerson EWL3706Sylvania NF006UD
Emerson EWL3706ASylvania NF006UD
Emerson EWT1321Emerson N0127UD
Emerson EWT1921Emerson N0127UD
Emerson EWT1931Emerson N0127UD
Emerson EWT1931AEmerson N0127UD
Emerson EWT19B3Emerson N0127UD
Emerson EWT19B4Emerson N0132UD
Emerson EWT19S2Emerson N0158UD
Emerson EWT19S3Emerson N0158UD
Emerson EWT2721Emerson N0127UD
Emerson F413TAEmerson N0105UD
Emerson F419TAEmerson N0105UD
Emerson FT4913CEmerson N0281UD
Emerson LC190EM1Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC190EM2Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC195EM8Emerson NF604UD
Emerson LC195EM82Emerson NF604UD
Emerson LC195EM87Emerson NF604UD
Emerson LC195EM9Emerson NF604UD
Emerson LC195EM92Emerson NF606UD
Emerson LC195EM9BEmerson NF604UD
Emerson LC195EM9EEmerson NF606UD
Emerson LC195EMXEmerson NH000UD
Emerson LC200EM8Emerson NF601UD
Emerson LC200EM8AEmerson NF601UD
Emerson LC200EM8GEmerson NF601UD
Emerson LC220EM1Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC220EM2Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC260EM1Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC260EM2Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC260EM2AEmerson NH001UD
Emerson LC320EM1Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC320EM1FEmerson NH001UD
Emerson LC320EM2Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC320EM2FEmerson NH001UD
Emerson LC320EM3Emerson NH301UD
Emerson LC320EM8Sylvania NF006UD
Emerson LC320EM81Emerson NF015UD
Emerson LC320EM82Emerson NF015UD
Emerson LC320EM82SEmerson NF015UD
Emerson LC320EM8AEmerson NF015UD
Emerson LC320EM8ANEmerson NF015UD
Emerson LC320EM8SEmerson NF015UD
Emerson LC320EM9Emerson NF027UD
Emerson LC320EM93Emerson NF027UD
Emerson LC320EM9BEmerson NF027UD
Emerson LC320EMXEmerson NH000UD
Emerson LC320EMXFEmerson NH000UD
Emerson LC320MXFEmerson NH000UD
Emerson LC321EM9Emerson NF027UD
Emerson LC321EM9AEmerson NF027UD
Emerson LC321EM9DEmerson NF027UD
Emerson LC329EM3FEmerson NH001UD
Emerson LC3703M2Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC370EM2Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC391EM3Emerson NH301UD
Emerson LC401EM2Emerson NH001UD
Emerson LC401EM2FEmerson NH001UD
Emerson LC407EM1Sylvania NH200UD
Emerson LC420EM8Emerson NF020UD
Emerson LC501EM3Emerson NH301UD
Emerson LD195EMXEmerson NF607UD
Emerson LE190EM3Emerson NH301UD
Emerson LE220EM3Emerson NH301UD
Emerson LE240EM4Emerson 32FNT004
Emerson LE290EM4Emerson 32FNT004
Emerson LE320EM4Emerson 32FNT004
Emerson LE391EM4Emerson NH303UD
Emerson LE461EM4Emerson NH303UD
Emerson LF320EM4Emerson 32FNT004
Emerson LF391EM4Emerson NH303UD
Emerson LF461EM4Emerson NH303UD
Emerson LF501EM4Emerson NH303UD
Emerson LTDN42V68USEmerson EN-31201EM
Emerson PL-P42W-10AEmerson PL-P42W-10A
Emerson RBLC320EM9Emerson NF604UD
Emerson RBLC320EM9-RBEmerson NF604UD
Emerson RLC195EM9Emerson NF027UD
Emerson RLC320EM9Emerson NF027UD
Emerson RSLC19REM9-RBEmerson NF027UD
Emerson SLC195EM8Emerson NF604UD
Emerson SLC195EM82Emerson NF604UD
Emerson SRT139Emerson N0277UD
Emerson SRT2019Emerson N0110UD
Emerson SRT2019AEmerson N0110UD
Emerson SRT2113Emerson N0138UD
Emerson SRT2127SEmerson N0110UD
Emerson SRT2227SEmerson N0110UD
Emerson SST413Emerson N0108UD
Emerson SST4131Emerson N0108UD
Emerson SST4132Emerson N0132UD
Emerson SST4191Emerson N0108UD
Emerson SST4192Emerson N0132UD
Emerson SST4272Emerson N0132UD
Emerson SST4322Emerson N0160UD
Emerson ST413AEmerson N0105UD
Emerson ST413BEmerson N0105UD
Emerson ST413CEmerson N0132UD
Emerson ST419AEmerson N0105UD
Emerson ST419BEmerson N0105UD
Emerson ST419CEmerson N0132UD
Emerson TC1351Emerson TC1351
Emerson TC1352Emerson TC1352
Emerson TC1353Emerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1360Emerson TC1360
Emerson TC1365Emerson TC1365
Emerson TC1365 SUFFIX BEmerson TC1365B
Emerson TC1365AEmerson TC1365A
Emerson TC1366Emerson TC1366
Emerson TC1366GEmerson TC1366G
Emerson TC1369Emerson TC1369
Emerson TC1369TGEmerson TC1369TG
Emerson TC1375Emerson TC1375
Emerson TC1375AEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1375BEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1376Emerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1376AEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1376AWEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1379Emerson TC1379
Emerson TC1379CEmerson TC1379C
Emerson TC1960Emerson TC1960
Emerson TC1965AEmerson TC1965A
Emerson TC1965DEmerson TC1965D
Emerson TC1965D SUFFIX CEmerson TC1965D
Emerson TC1966DEmerson TC1966D
Emerson TC1972Emerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1972AEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1972DEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1972DAEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1972DBEmerson TC1972DB
Emerson TC1973DEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1973DAEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC1994Emerson TC1994
Emerson TC2020DEmerson TC2020D
Emerson TC2551RDEmerson TC2551RD
Emerson TC2555DEmerson TC2555D
Emerson TC2555DAEmerson 076M012170
Emerson TC2556DEmerson TC2556D
Emerson TC2556DAEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC2556DA/CCAEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC2556DBEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TC4252Emerson TC4252
Emerson TC4253Emerson TC4253
Emerson TS1996Emerson TS1996
Emerson TS1996TGEmerson TS1996TG
Emerson TS1997Emerson 076R074040
Emerson TS1997AEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TS2041DEmerson TS2041D
Emerson TS2042DEmerson 076M012170
Emerson TS2585DEmerson TS2585D
Emerson TS2586DEmerson 076M012170
Emerson TS2587DEmerson TS2587D
Emerson TS2587DAEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TS2587DBEmerson 076R074040
Emerson TS2760DEmerson TS2760D
Emerson TS2761DEmerson TS2761D
Emerson TS2762DEmerson TS2762D
Emerson TS3050DEmerson TS3050D
Emerson TS3050DNEmerson TS3050DN
Emerson TS4451Emerson TS4451
Emerson TS4451AEmerson TS4451A
Emerson TS4451DEmerson TS4451D
Emerson TVK131Emerson N0132UD
Emerson TVK131AEmerson N0132UD
Emerson TVK139Emerson N0257UD
Emerson TVK139AEmerson N0257UD
Emerson TVK139KEmerson N0105UD
Emerson TVK139VEmerson N0257UD
Emerson TVK191Emerson N0132UD
Emerson TVK199Emerson N0257UD
Emerson TVK199KEmerson N0105UD
Emerson TVK199KAEmerson N0105UD
Emerson W4913LTEmerson N0264UD
Emerson W4913TAEmerson N0112UD
Emerson W6413TBEmerson N0112UD
Emerson W6413TCEmerson N0112UD
Emerson WF-13Emerson N0105UD
Emerson WF-1901Emerson N0105UD
Emerson WF2702Emerson N0132UD
Emerson WT-13Emerson N0105UD
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Emerson - TV/DVD/VCR & TV/DVD Model Numbers
Emerson CETD204Emerson NE222UD
Emerson EWC095BEmerson NE221UD
Emerson EWC09D5Emerson NE221UD
Emerson EWC09D5BEmerson NE221UD
Emerson EWC13D4Emerson NE221UD
Emerson EWC19D1Emerson N0289UD
Emerson EWC19DAEmerson N0290UD
Emerson EWC19T1Emerson NE201UD
Emerson EWC19T2Emerson NE203UD
Emerson EWC19T3Emerson NE211UD
Emerson EWC19T4Emerson NE223UD
Emerson EWC19T5Emerson NE223UD
Emerson EWC20D3Emerson N0289UD
Emerson EWC20D4Emerson NE221UD
Emerson EWC20D5Emerson NE208UD
Emerson EWC20D5AEmerson NE221UD
Emerson EWC24T5Emerson NE223UD
Emerson EWC27T3Emerson NE211UD
Emerson EWC27T4Emerson NE223UD
Emerson EWD19D1Emerson N0289UD
Emerson EWL15D6Emerson NE242UD
Emerson EWL15D6AEmerson NE242UD
Emerson EWL20D6Emerson NE242UD
Emerson EWL20D6AEmerson NE242UD
Emerson LD190EM1Sylvania NF033UD
Emerson LD190EM2Sylvania NF033UD
Emerson LD195EM8Sylvania NF605UD
Emerson LD195EM82Sylvania NF605UD
Emerson LD195EM87Sylvania NF605UD
Emerson LD200EM8Emerson NF602UD
Emerson LD260EM2Sylvania NF033UD
Emerson LD320EM2Sylvania NF033UD
Emerson NA259Emerson NA259
Emerson RLD190EM1Sylvania NF033UD
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Emerson - TV/VCR Model Numbers
Emerson EC1320CEmerson N0151UD
Emerson EC313DEmerson N0162UD
Emerson EWC0901Emerson N0164UD
Emerson EWC0902Emerson N0162UD
Emerson EWC0903Emerson N0162UD
Emerson EWC1301Emerson N0107UD
Emerson EWC1302Emerson N0162UD
Emerson EWC1303Emerson N0162UD
Emerson EWC1303AEmerson N0162UD
Emerson EWC1304Emerson N0162UD
Emerson EWC1901Emerson N0107UD
Emerson EWC1902Emerson N0162UD
Emerson EWC1903Emerson N0162UD
Emerson EWW7080Emerson N0107UD
Emerson MCMV1308Emerson N0107UD
Emerson VT0950Emerson VT0950
Emerson VT0950NEmerson VT0950N
Emerson VT0951Emerson VT0951
Emerson VT0952Emerson VT0952
Emerson VT0954Emerson 0766075020
Emerson VT0954AEmerson 0766093050
Emerson VT0955Emerson 0766093050
Emerson VT0955AEmerson 0766093050
Emerson VT1315Emerson VT1315
Emerson VT1315AEmerson VT1315A
Emerson VT1320ANEmerson VT1320AN
Emerson VT1321Emerson VT1321
Emerson VT1322Emerson VT1322
Emerson VT1322AEmerson 0766093040
Emerson VT1355Emerson 0766093040
Emerson VT1355AEmerson VT1355A
Emerson VT1920/A/NEmerson VT1920AN
Emerson VT1921Emerson VT1921
Emerson VT1922Emerson VT1922
Emerson VT1922AEmerson 0766093040
Emerson VT1922DABroksonic 0766093010
Emerson VT1975Emerson 0766093040
Emerson VT1975AEmerson 0766093040
Emerson VT2522DEmerson VT2522D
Emerson VT2522DAEmerson 0766093040
Emerson VT2522DBEmerson 0766093040
Emerson VT3110Emerson 0766093040
Emerson VT3110AEmerson 0766093040
Emerson VT3110AWEmerson VT3110AW
Emerson VT9110Emerson 0766093040
Emerson VT9110AEmerson 0766093040
Emerson VT9110AWEmerson VT9110AW
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Emerson - VCR Model Numbers
Emerson 076R0AM030Emerson 076R0AM030
Emerson 6260VFSylvania NA376UD
Emerson C6240VFSylvania NA376UD
Emerson EV467Emerson EV467
Emerson EV477Emerson EV477
Emerson EV506NEmerson EV506N
Emerson EV727Emerson EV727
Emerson EV787Emerson EV787
Emerson EV818Emerson EV818
Emerson EWV401Symphonic N9374UD
Emerson EWV401ASymphonic NA351UD
Emerson EWV401BSymphonic NA351UD
Emerson EWV401MSymphonic N9374UD
Emerson EWV402MSymphonic NA351UD
Emerson EWV403Emerson NA312UD
Emerson EWV403ASylvania NA372UD
Emerson EWV404Sylvania NA372UD
Emerson EWV601ASymphonic NA351UD
Emerson EWV601BSymphonic NA351UD
Emerson EWV601MSymphonic N9374UD
Emerson EWV603Sylvania NA372UD
Emerson EWV603ASylvania NA362UD
Emerson VCR1795Emerson EUR23
Emerson VCR3000Emerson VCR3000
Emerson VCR3001Emerson VCR3001
Emerson VCR3002Emerson VCR3002
Emerson VCR3003Emerson VCR3003
Emerson VCR3003AEmerson VCR3003A
Emerson VCR3010AEmerson VCR3010A
Emerson VCR4000Emerson 076R00411B
Emerson VCR4002Emerson 0766073010
Emerson VCR4003Emerson 0766073010
Emerson VCR4003AEmerson 0766099020
Emerson VCR4010Emerson 0766099060
Emerson VCR4010AEmerson VCR4010A
Emerson VCR4010CEmerson 0766099060
Emerson VCR4250Emerson VR4250
Emerson VCR4450Emerson VR4450
Emerson VCR765Emerson EUR23
Emerson VCR765NEmerson EUR23
Emerson VCR885Emerson EUR23
Emerson VCR885NEmerson EUR23
Emerson VCR964Emerson EUR23
Emerson VCR968Emerson VCR968
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