Sansui Remote Control Directory

Need help finding the correct Sansui Remote Control Model Number? Just select the electronic device you are buying the remote control for and find the model number of that device in the list. It's as simple as that! If you still can't find your electronic device in the list below, call us at 1-800-294-3889 for additional assistance!

Electronic Device Types:

Sansui - Blu Ray Model Numbers
Sansui BDP3959Sansui 076BDP3959
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Sansui - DVD Model Numbers
Sansui SDVD2000Sansui 07660BU050
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Sansui - DVDR/VCR & DVD/VCR Model Numbers
Sansui VRDVD4000Sansui 076R0ET010
Sansui VRDVD4000ASansui 076R0ET010
Sansui VRDVD4000BSansui 076R0ET010
Sansui VRDVD4000CSansui 076R0ET010
Sansui VRDVD4001Memorex 076R0ET020
Sansui VRDVD4001ASansui 076R0JN01A
Sansui VRDVD4001ACSansui 076R0JN01A
Sansui VRDVD4005Sansui 076R0HQ010
Sansui VRDVD4100Memorex 076R0ET020
Sansui VRDVD4100ASansui 076R0JN01A
Sansui VRDVD4100ACSansui 076R0JN01A
Sansui VRDVD4100BSansui 076R0JN01A
Sansui VRDVD4100BASansui 076R0JN01A
Sansui VRDVD4100BBSansui 076R0JN01A
Sansui VRDVD4100BCSansui 076R0JN01A
Sansui VRDVD5000Sansui 076R0JJ010
Sansui VRDVD5000ASansui 076R0JJ010
Sansui VRDVD5000BSansui 076R0JJ010
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Sansui - TV Model Numbers
Sansui 325DS641Sansui 076R0TA021
Sansui 39E5090Sansui 0760UU011
Sansui 40E6090Sansui 076R0TA021
Sansui 50E7090Sansui 076R0TA021
Sansui DFTV200Sansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DFTV200ASansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DFTV270Sansui 07640NJ010
Sansui DFTV270ASansui 07640NJ010
Sansui DFTV275Broksonic 07640KL030
Sansui DFTV275ABroksonic 07640KL030
Sansui DTV1300Sansui 07640NJ010
Sansui DTV1300ASansui 07640NJ010
Sansui DTV1900Sansui 07640NJ010
Sansui DTV1900ASansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DTV1900BSansui 07640NJ010
Sansui DTV2700Broksonic 07640KL030
Sansui DTV2700ASansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DTV2700BBroksonic 07640KL030
Sansui DTV2750Sansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DTV2750ASansui 076E0NJ060
Sansui DTV2760Sansui 07640KL01A
Sansui DTV2760ASansui 07640NJ010
Sansui DTV2760BSansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DTV2760CSansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DTV2760DSansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DTV2798Sansui 076E0NJ060
Sansui DTV2798CSansui 076E0NJ060
Sansui DTV3200Sansui 07640KL01A
Sansui DTV3200ASansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui DTV3250Sansui 076E0NJ010
Sansui HCLCD19WBSansui 076E0RC011
Sansui HDLCD1900Orion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD1900AOrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD1900BOrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD1908Sansui 076E0PV011
Sansui HDLCD1908ASansui 076E0PV011
Sansui HDLCD1908BSansui 076E0PV011
Sansui HDLCD1908CSansui 076E0PV011
Sansui HDLCD1909Sansui 076E0RC011
Sansui HDLCD1909ASansui 076E0RC011
Sansui HDLCD1909BSansui 076E0RC011
Sansui HDLCD1912Sansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1912ASansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1912BSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1912CSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1912DSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1955Sansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1955ASansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1955BSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1955CSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1955DSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD1955WSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD2200Orion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD2212Sansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD2212ASansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD2212BSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD2212CSansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDLCD2600Orion 076R0MJ030
Sansui HDLCD2600AOrion 076R0MJ030
Sansui HDLCD2612Sansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD2612ASansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD2612BSansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD2612CSansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD2612DSansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD2650Orion 076R0SM021
Sansui HDLCD3200Orion 076R0MJ030
Sansui HDLCD3200AOrion 076R0MJ030
Sansui HDLCD3200BOrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD3200COrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD3210Orion 076R0MJ030
Sansui HDLCD3210AOrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD3210BOrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD3212Sansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD3212AOrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD3212BSansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD3212CSansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD3212DSansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD3250Orion 076R0SM021
Sansui HDLCD3250AOrion 076R0SM021
Sansui HDLCD3250BSansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD3250CSansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD3250DSansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD3258Sansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD3700Orion 076R0MJ030
Sansui HDLCD3700COrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD3700DOrion 076R0MJ041
Sansui HDLCD4050Orion 076R0SM021
Sansui HDLCD4050AOrion 076R0SM021
Sansui HDLCD4050BOrion 076R0SM021
Sansui HDLCD4050CSansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD4050DSansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD4050ESansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD4060Sansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD4212Sansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD4212ASansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD4212BSansui 076R0QK011
Sansui HDLCD4650Sansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD4650ASansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD5050Sansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCD5050ASansui 076R0TA021
Sansui HDLCS2212ASansui 076E0PV021
Sansui HDPDP4200Sansui 076R0KE030
Sansui HDPDP4200ASansui 076R0KE030
Sansui HDPDP4200BSansui 076R0KE030
Sansui HDPDP4250Orion 076R0MF030
Sansui HDPDP5000Orion 076R0MF010
Sansui HDPDP5050Orion 076R0MF030
Sansui HDTV2600Sansui 076R0KE010
Sansui HDTV3000Sansui 076R0KE010
Sansui HDTV3000DSansui 076R0MJ010
Sansui LCDW2300Sansui 07640KL01A
Sansui SKED2280Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SKED2280ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SKED2280BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED1928Sansui 076E0PV061
Sansui SLED1928ASansui 076E0TT011
Sansui SLED1937Sansui 076E0TT011
Sansui SLED1953WSansui 076E0TT011
Sansui SLED1980Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED1980ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED1980BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED1980CSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED1980DSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED1980ESansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2228Sansui 076E0PV061
Sansui SLED2237Sansui 076E0TT011
Sansui SLED2280Sansui 076R0RF021
Sansui SLED2280ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2280BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2280CSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2280DSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2282Sansui 076R0SM041
Sansui SLED2400Sansui 076K0UT011
Sansui SLED2400ASansui 076K0UT011
Sansui SLED2453WSansui 076E0TT011
Sansui SLED2480Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2480ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2480BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2480CSansui 076E0TT011
Sansui SLED2490Sansui 076K0UT011
Sansui SLED2680Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2680ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2680BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED2900Sansui 0760UU011
Sansui SLED2900ASansui 0760UU011
Sansui SLED2900BSansui 0760UU011
Sansui SLED2900CSansui 0760UU011
Sansui SLED3200Sansui 076K0UU011
Sansui SLED3228Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED3228ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED3228BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED3280Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED3280ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED3280BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED3900Sansui 0760UU011
Sansui SLED3900ASansui 0760UU011
Sansui SLED3900BSansui 0760UU011
Sansui SLED3900CSansui 0760UU011
Sansui SLED4280Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED4280ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED4280BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED4650Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED4680Sansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED4680ASansui 076R0SM011
Sansui SLED4680BSansui 076R0SM011
Sansui TVM0903Orion 076R0CX010
Sansui TVM1300ACMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1300CMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1302Broksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM1302ABroksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM1302SBroksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM1307ADMemorex 076R074110
Sansui TVM1307SMemorex 076R074110
Sansui TVM1310Sansui 076R074100
Sansui TVM1313Broksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM1315Memorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1315AMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1315BMemorex 076R074180
Sansui TVM1315CMemorex 076R074180
Sansui TVM1315DDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM1316Admiral 076R074250
Sansui TVM1316BDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM1316CMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM1316DMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM1316EMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM1316FMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM131ADSansui 076R074270
Sansui TVM1900Broksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM1900ACMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1900CMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1902Broksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM1902ADurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM1903Broksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM1913Broksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM1915Memorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1915AMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1915BMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM1915CDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM1915DDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM1916Admiral 076R074250
Sansui TVM1916AAdmiral 076R074250
Sansui TVM1916CMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM1916CAMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM1916DMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM1916EMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM1916FMemorex 076N0DW090
Sansui TVM2500Memorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM2500ACMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM2500CMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM2502Broksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM2502ABroksonic 076R074050
Sansui TVM2515Memorex 076R074150
Sansui TVM2515AMemorex 076R074180
Sansui TVM2515BMemorex 076R074180
Sansui TVM2515CDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM2515CGDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM2515GDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM2515GADurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVM2515GBDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVS2001Sansui 076R074140
Sansui TVS2001AMemorex 076R074150
Sansui TVS203Sansui 076R0DJ030
Sansui TVS203ASansui 076R0DJ030
Sansui TVS203BSansui 076R0DJ030
Sansui TVS203CSansui 076N0DW190
Sansui TVS203DSansui 076N0DW190
Sansui TVS2040Durabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVS2340Durabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVS2540Memorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2540AMemorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2540BMemorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2540CMemorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2540CGMemorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2540GMemorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2540GAMemorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2541Memorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2542AAiwa 076R074160
Sansui TVS273Sansui 076R0HV010
Sansui TVS273ASansui 076R0HV010
Sansui TVS2740Aiwa 076R074160
Sansui TVS2740AAiwa 076R074160
Sansui TVS2740BMemorex 076R074170
Sansui TVS2740GDurabrand 076NODW020
Sansui TVS2745Memorex 076DOFM010
Sansui TVS2746Broksonic 076N0GT010
Sansui TVS2746ABroksonic 076N0GT010
Sansui TVS2746BBroksonic 076N0GT010
Sansui TVS2746CBroksonic 076N0GT010
Sansui TVS2746DOrion 076N0DW120
Sansui TVS2750Memorex 076N0DW130
Sansui TVS3245Broksonic 076N0GT010
Sansui TVS3245AMemorex 076DOFM010
Sansui TVS3245BBroksonic 076N0GT010
Sansui TVS3275Broksonic 076N0GT010
Sansui TVS3275AMemorex 076N0DW130
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Sansui - TV/DVD Model Numbers
Sansui CDVD1300WSansui 076R0HE060
Sansui CDVD1300WASansui 076R0HE060
Sansui CDVD1310Sansui 076R0HE040
Sansui CDVD1310ASansui 076R0HE100
Sansui CDVD1310BSansui 076R0HE100
Sansui CDVD1900Sansui 07660DT090
Sansui CDVD1900ASansui 07660DT090
Sansui CDVD1900BSansui 07660DT090
Sansui CDVD1900CSansui 076R0HE060
Sansui CDVD1900DOrion 076R0HE04B
Sansui CDVD1900ESansui 076R0HE100
Sansui CDVD1900FSansui 076R0HE100
Sansui CDVD2500Sansui 07660CV010
Sansui CDVD2500ASansui 07660CV010
Sansui CDVD9000Sansui 07660DT04B
Sansui CDVD9000ASansui 07660DT090
Sansui CDVD9000BSansui 07660DT090
Sansui CDVD9000CSansui 07660DT090
Sansui CDVD9000SSansui 076R0HE040
Sansui FHDBDP3209Orion 076R0RB011
Sansui FHDBDP3209AOrion 076R0RB011
Sansui HDLCDCD190ASansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD190Sansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD195Sansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD195ASansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD195BSansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD195CSansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD195DSansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD196DSansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD199Sansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD220Sansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD225Sansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD225ASansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD225BSansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD22SSansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD260Sansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD260ASansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD260BSansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD260CSansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD265Orion 076R0LJ020
Sansui HDLCDVD265ASansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD265BSansui 076R0LJ041
Sansui HDLCDVD320Sansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD320ASansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD320BSansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD323Sansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD323ASansui 076R0LJ030
Sansui HDLCDVD325Orion 076R0LJ020
Sansui HDLCDVD325ASansui 076R0LJ020
Sansui HDLCDVD325BOrion 076R0LJ020
Sansui HDLCDVD328Orion 076R0RG011
Sansui LCDVD150Sansui 076R0HE040
Sansui LCDVD200Akai 076R0HE020
Sansui LCDVD200ASansui 076R0HE02B
Sansui LCDVD200BSansui 076R0HE02B
Sansui LCDVD200BASansui 076R0HE110
Sansui LCDVD200XSansui 076R0HE02B
Sansui LCDWDVD230Sansui 076R0LJ010
Sansui LCDWDVD320Sansui 076R0LJ010
Sansui SLEDVD196Orion 076R0LJ061
Sansui SLEDVD198Orion 076R0RG021
Sansui SLEDVD198AOrion 076R0RG021
Sansui SLEDVD198BOrion 076R0RG021
Sansui SLEDVD226Orion 076R0LJ061
Sansui SLEDVD226AOrion 076R0LJ061
Sansui SLEDVD226BOrion 076R0LJ061
Sansui SLEDVD244Orion 076R0LJ061
Sansui SLEDVD329Orion 076R0RG011
Sansui SLEDVD4668WSansui 076R0SM041
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Sansui - TV/VCR Model Numbers
Sansui CLD0065Sansui 07660CG050
Sansui COM0950Sansui 0766093070
Sansui COM0950ASansui 076609301B
Sansui COM0950AWMemorex 076R0BH01A
Sansui COM0950BSansui 076609301B
Sansui COM0950CBroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM0952Sansui 0766093100
Sansui COM0952ASansui 0766093100
Sansui COM0952AWSansui 0766093100
Sansui COM0953Memorex 076R0BH01A
Sansui COM0953AMemorex 076R0BH010
Sansui COM0960Broksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM0960ABroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM0961Broksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM0961ABroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM0961BBroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM1307ACMemorex 076R0BH01A
Sansui COM1307ADMemorex 076R0BH01A
Sansui COM1312Memorex 076R0BH010
Sansui COM1315Sansui 0766093150
Sansui COM1316Orion 076R0BH060
Sansui COM1320Memorex 076R0BH010
Sansui COM1320AMemorex 076R0BH01A
Sansui COM1912Memorex 076R0BH010
Sansui COM1920Memorex 076R0BH010
Sansui COM1920AMemorex 076R0BH01A
Sansui COM1950Sansui 076R084010
Sansui COM2551Broksonic 0766093010
Sansui COM3100Admiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM3100AAdmiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM3100BAdmiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM3100CAdmiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM3100DAdmiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM3101Admiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM3101ABroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM3101BSansui 076R0JE010
Sansui COM311ADBroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM311ADABroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM311ADBBroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM312ADBroksonic 07660CG020
Sansui COM5200Admiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM7200Admiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM9100Admiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM9100AAdmiral 076R0CG010
Sansui COM9100DMemorex 076R0BH01A
Sansui MCB3100ADOrion 076R0H06A
Sansui SNVT1313Broksonic 07660CG020
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Sansui - TV/VCR/DVD Model Numbers
Sansui DFTC2000Sansui 076R0NR010
Sansui FTC2075Akai 076R0HH01A
Sansui FTC2075AAkai 076R0HH01A
Sansui FTC2075CAkai 076R0HH01A
Sansui FTC2475Akai 076R0HH01A
Sansui TDC2075Sansui 076D0FH020
Sansui TDC2075AAkai 076R0HH01A
Sansui TDC2075BAkai 076R0HH01A
Sansui TDC2075CAkai 076R0HH01A
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Sansui - VCR Model Numbers
Sansui VCR2510Memorex 07660CF010
Sansui VCR2510AMemorex 07660CF010
Sansui VCR4500COrion 076609901C
Sansui VCR4501COrion 076609901C
Sansui VCR4502Emerson 0766099060
Sansui VCR4510Memorex 07660CF010
Sansui VCR7000COrion 076609904B
Sansui VCR7001Orion 076609904B
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