Sylvania Electric Products were at one time a United Sates manufacturer of various types of electronic equipment. Sylvania eventually merged with another company to become known as GTE. All electronic products were then manufactured under the name GTE Sylvania.

In the early 1980s, GTE Sylvania sold the rights to the Sylvania name to Holland's Phillips Company. The Sylvania brand name is still held worldwide by almost every major country. Their wide range of products that are produced include everything from lighting to televisions to remote controls.

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3809LC Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
3813LC SylvaniaOut of Stock
3819LC SylvaniaOut of Stock
3913LC SylvaniaOut of Stock
3919LC SylvaniaOut of Stock
3925LC SylvaniaOut of Stock
43813LC SylvaniaOut of Stock
483521837057 SylvaniaOut of Stock
483521837112 SylvaniaOut of Stock
483521837113 SylvaniaOut of Stock
483521837163 SylvaniaOut of Stock
483521837241 SylvaniaOut of Stock
483521837269 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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483521917014 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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483521917053 SylvaniaOut of Stock
483521917054 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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483521917215 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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483521917247 SylvaniaOut of Stock
483521917252 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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483521917352 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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483521917385 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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483521917494 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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483531057163 Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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4WLTR19G Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
6309CA SylvaniaOut of Stock
6309CB SylvaniaOut of Stock
6309CC SylvaniaOut of Stock
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6719DD SylvaniaOut of Stock
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D3913LC SylvaniaOut of Stock
D6313CB SylvaniaOut of Stock
F13TRE1 Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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F19TRF1 Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
F9TRE1 Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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FC900T Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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L9TRG Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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N9287UD SylvaniaOut of Stock
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N9393UD SylvaniaOut of Stock
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NO11OUD SylvaniaOut of Stock
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RM2004 Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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SDVD1030 Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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SRC20134AC SylvaniaOut of Stock
SRC2109E SylvaniaOut of Stock
SRC2113 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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SSC130 SylvaniaOut of Stock
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SSC132 SylvaniaOut of Stock
SSC190 SylvaniaOut of Stock
SSC191 SylvaniaOut of Stock
SSC192 SylvaniaOut of Stock
TVSC1320 Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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VSQS1129 SylvaniaOut of Stock
W3809LC Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
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WLTR13G Sylvania$19.95Buy Now
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WLTR9G Sylvania$29.95Buy Now
WSSC199 SylvaniaOut of Stock
WTV11321 Sylvania$29.95Buy Now

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